"Photography is the art of freezing time...  ability to preserve emotions and feelings inside the frame..."



You are doing the right thing by searching for a photographer.

It is now important to find one that will be close to you in spirit, as different people have different needs. 

To make it easy for you to decide if I am the one for you, I will describe what I like to photograph.

I love true, honest emotions and the story of the moment. When the whole family is sitting down and looking at the pictures it is difficult to remember what was, actually, happening back then when the picture was taken. I want to be the chronicler of your history and inconspicuously capture this moment of your life, as you don't know what may happen next.

I am a lifestyle photographer and if you are looking for one and like my work, please write Contact or call (860) 990-3066 and we will capture this wonderful moment called life together!