-   preliminary meeting and consultation;

   -   wardrobe, theme ideas;

   -   professional editing;


   You can pick the photo session place that is most convenient and comfortable for you or I can provide you with some ideas; RAW files are not provided; processing time 2 to 12 weeks depending on my workload; photobook would be ready in 2-3 month.




            WHAT DO YOU GET?

-   15 retouched photos* in JPG format; 

Session lasts around an hour on average - exact time may vary.





           WHAT DO YOU GET?

-  35 retouched photos* in JPG format; 

-  two outfits;  

Session lasts around 1.5 - 2 hours  on average - exact time may vary.




           WHAT DO YOU GET?

-    60 retouched photos* in JPG format; 

-   10 unframed prints;  

-    photobook.

Session lasts around 1.5 - 3 hours  on average - exact time may vary.

Addidionally you can order the following:

      -   Prints of other photos $15 per print
      -   Musical slideshow based on your photos
      -   Gift CERTIFICATES



*   Photos for retouching are selected by me. Your agreement for the photo shoot confirms that you are familiar with my portfolio and style of work and agree that the photo session and retouching are performed according to the style selected by me.

** 25% off  -  if you can come up with the interesting idea for theme photo session.

!!! By purchasing any package you agree that some of the pictures chosen by me after the photo-shoot may be included in my portfolio and displayed on the web. If you prefer that the pictures are not included in my portfolio, you can select an “Exclusive option” before the photo-shoot for + 15% of the package price.