Olga Tsyfanski (Govorun)

Portrait Photographer

           Hi! Welcome to my website! Nice to meet you. I know that you want to learn about my photography service and photographer specifically. Let's jump in.

           I am a proud Ukrainian living in Connecticut with my lovely husband and adorable son. Both of them are my best and most difficult models (because each time it's taking more and more time to persuade them to do it. LOL). I am a person of many interests (but photography is the biggest), sometimes I think that my hobby is to try different hobbies, but who knows, maybe it's a thing too. I love traveling and planning those trips too. I am a nerd in genealogy and think that knowledge is really important to research. Last, but not least, I have a pretty good sense of humor, you can ask around;) But enough about me, let's meet, chat or talk about your best future portrait.