How prepare for Maternity Photoshoot


My baby turned 8 this year and I finally decided to write about how we were preparing for our photo shoot with a tummy:). I hope it would be helpful for some of you. I, as a photographer and as a woman, believe that maternity photo session is very important for memorable moments in the future, especially for mom. Our photo session ended up being very tender and beautiful. In the last trimester, we also did mini-photo shoots by ourselves every weekend, in different locations and in different outfits.

It took me a long time to prepare, because I really wanted everything to be perfect.

So, here is my story on how I did it:

Step 1: Gathering photo ideas.

First. I made an album for my favorite photo ideas. Since I am also a photographer, I already had a big album for inspiration. Therefore, I started by choosing from those photos that I would like to try myself (or on myself :)). To be honest, I looked at a huge number of photos! But I think it's a fun activity :). Well, plus it helped in the work - I already had an album with ideas that I could offer to clients. I will show you a couple of ideas from Pinterest that I liked the most.

P.S. If anyone needs ideas, email me and I'll send you my Pinterest album.

Step 2: Finding a photographer.

It was not easy, because the photographers I really wanted to invite were in other countries. Well, I know that everyone chooses their own way. I just want to give you an advice: be sure to look at the work of the photographer before booking a photo shoot, and then, if possible, meet with your photographer before shooting! This way you will personally get to know the photographer before shooting, and you will be more comfortable during it.


Step 3: Decide what you want to do on set.

For myself, I decided that I want to divide photography into two parts. The first part: comfortable, simple clothes and a picnic with different details to make shooting more comfortable and fun. The second part: romantic clothes, different poses, just us and our feelings.

Step 4: Back to photo ideas folder.

I made two folders of ideas: The first one is Picnic, the second one is Feelings. And saved photos that could be used for my ideas.

Step 5: Selection of clothes.

I consider this step to be very important! Many people choose clothes without trying them on before shooting, and they get very upset when they see photos after, since they have not seen themselves before. To begin with, I chose photos ideas in which I really liked how people are dressed. Then I chose clothes (from the one that I had at home) that I could still put on (it turned out not that much). After that I combined different sets and photographed myself from different angles. You can take some selfies and ask your photographer for the advice too, I'll show you a couple of examples:

I think it's important to see yourself from the outside in each outfit. If you don’t like anything, you can go shopping with photo ideas :). I chose from what was at home.

P.S. I also have an album with options for outfits that I liked. If you need a link, please get in touch.

Step 6: Prepare the decorations.

I already had different ideas for picnics in the picnic folder, so I chose what I liked from there and made it myself or looked for it in stores. I did more than we used, but I think it's better than the other way around. Since we take pictures every week, I thought the unused scenery will not be lost :))). Here are a couple of things that I prepared and used in the first part of the photo shoot:

Step 7: The second part of the photo shoot. I picked up the poses that I want to try. My photographer was not offended by that. It doesn't hurt me either when clients know what they want. I'm even glad that they prepared and thought about it in advance. I will show you one photo that I really like :)

Step #8: What to do with the photos after the shoot?

Don't leave photos in your computer, make it a memory that is easy and pleasant to return to. I did the photo book and wall art pieces from my photos.

That's all:).


I hope you found it useful for yourself:).  Do not hesitate to ask questions.


Have a wonderful shooting and an easy pregnancy!


Truly yours Photographer, Olga