Places in Connecticut state, USA

Connecticut - a small state in the northeast of the United States, in the New England region. Capital - Hartford. The name of the state comes from the expression in the Algonquin language, which translates to “on a long river prone to tides”. Even tho our state isn’t big, there are interesting places for a traveler. Here I am going to compile all places, that we’ve been in and liked. I also want to say, that New England is very pretty in the spring. 

1. Campbell Falls State Park, Norfolk - a place, where you can take a walk ( there are some paths through the forest, of varying complexity), go for a walk and sit by the waterfall (I love waterfalls). Also, there is an opportunity to drive to the waterfall and you can even go down a bit. 

2. Essex Steam Train, Essex -  there is an opportunity to have an unusual dinner with your beloved in a wagon restaurant. One negative- from the window, there was nothing to special to see, but the atmosphere was nice. 

3. Litchfield Park - this is a wonderful place, where in the spring you can take a walk in a field of narcissus.

4. Huckleberry Hill Park, Avon - not a bad place for walking around and do the photoshoot, also this is a beginning to some trails.

5. Kent Falls - cascade of waterfalls, there are also trails you can walk in, there is also a park where you can arrange a picnic.

6. Bulls Bridge, Kent - depending on the season the river is filled with water completely or not.

7. Heublein Tower, Simsbury -  interesting place to explore, but its very up high!

8. Mystic Aquarium and Mystic City - interesting aquarium and cute museum. 

9. Yale University, New Haven - a big student campus with historic buildings and a very nice old cemetery. 

10. Wickham Park, Manchester - very large park with different beautiful corners. 

11. Harkness State Park, Waterford - park, ocean coast and beautiful buildings.  

12. Southford Falls State Park - beautiful park and photoshoot location. 

13. Saville Dam Reservoir, Barkhamsted - pretty reservoir and a park for walks.

14. The Nepaug Dam, Canton - also a place to go, and enjoy fresh air. 

15. B.F. Clyde's Cider Mill - was fun and tasty.